Certificate in Digital Fabrication

Part time course, 12 weeks

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Certificate in Digital Fabrication Design and Manufacture, Level 7 (Ordinary Bachelors Degree-Level Certificate) Booking for Spring Next semester starts in December

Free, Springboard+


This certificate will give participants an insight into digital fabrication which is underpinning a technological and manufacturing revolution. Covering a range of technologies the course will look in a critical way at issues of localisation, personalisation, flexibility and sustainability. It is a 12 week course consisting of 3 modules, totalling 24 ECTS credits. The course is a part-time daytime course, 3 days per week.

Studio Based, design led and hands on approach.

A studio space will be available throughout the course allowing students an open environment to complete their project work allowing free access to the latest technology equipment.

Theory lectures on digital fabrication.

Knowledge of the state of the art in digital fabrication. The programme will show the potential that lies within Fab Labs as spaces for innovation and creation.

Expertise in software tools.

Participants will gain knowledge in a broad range of Computer Aided Design in 2D and 3D as well as Computer Aided Manufacturing such as SolidWorks, Autocad, Rhino, SketchUp, Illustrator, Inkscape, VCarvePro and more.

Expertise in machine operation.

How to operate a broad range of digital fabrication equipment 3D printing, Laser Cutting and CNC milling as well as troubleshooting and maintenance skills.

Module 1: Fab Learning Portfolio

This is a studio-based module held in Fab Lab Limerick (Limerick City Centre) equipping students with practical skills, while challenging their design thinking.

  • Design. Through a lecture series students will be introduced to design through digital fabrication. Materials, processes and logic will be described and questioned.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD). A variety of 2D and 3D drawing softwares will be introduced, focusing on open-source and openly available softwares.
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). A number of CAM softwares will be taught so that participants will have the skills to use Fab Lab Limerick’s Digital Fabrication equipment.
  • Digital Fabrication. 3D printing, Laser-cutting and CNC Routing will be demonstrated and the ample access to the equipment will be available.
  • Grading is based on presented work, portfolio, continuous assessment and attendance

Module 2: Digital Technology

This module takes place at Fab Lab Limerick. This module will introduce key principles, tools and techniques for project management, documentation and distributed collaboration.

Module 3: Career Development

This module is based on campus at the University of Limerick. Job readiness and support into employment will be provided through a series of workshops and seminars and an active engagement with motivated students in attaining employment.Three elements of our job readiness programme are:

  • Professional development workshops to prepare learners with CV and career coaching, developing a LinkedIn/online presence, physical presentation and interviews skills.
  • Employer open days on campus and industry presentations on the nature of their company’s/industry’s activity in Ireland and future potential in the sector and employment growth opportunities in the region and nationally.
  • Development workshops to specifically address participant’s confidence, motivation and psychological job readiness. The Jobs Readiness elements are supported by the University of Limerick Co-Operative Education & Careers Division who delivery CA4003 CAREER DEVELOPMENT programme, and Continuing & Professional Education.
  • Attendance is compulsory.


Participants require basic computer skills, Leaving Certificate or equivalent. Applicants should be able to demonstrate experience and motivation regarding digital fabrication, and may be required to attend interviews depending on the number of applications received.

This course is available for free to eligible Springboard+ applicants, and accessible directly to CAO and mature applicants, for more details about this process, email cpe@ul.ie.

To check your Springboard+ eligibility you can get more information by going to www.springboardcourses.ie/eligibility.

Next course will begin in January 2018. Applications open in December 2017.

For more information on any of the above, email cpe@ul.ie or fablab@saul.ie.

Please note, this course requires use of a laptop, and for many of the softwares you may require a mouse. If you do not have access to a laptop please let us know by email.