3D Printing Equipment Tutorial

Second Saturday of the month

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Courses on how to use our 3D Printers. No previous experience required

€18 for students/€30 for adults - discounts apply"

Our 3D Printing Introduction consists of two courses, that may be taken separately or over a single day.

10:00am : 3D Printing, Introduction & FDM Printing

This course will explain the concept of 3D printing and demonstrate how to use a 3D printer with demonstrations on our Ultimaker2 and more. 3D printing is an extremely versatile prototyping technology which has a large variety of available materials. 3D printing is a very accessible technology, advancing all the time with dedicated online communities and open source designs.

1:00pm : Advanced 3D printing (including SLA Printing)

Explore techniques in printing materials like resin, wax and ceramic. Explore large-scale delta printing with our new Wasp4070, and learn to use our new Form2 3D printer, from Form Labs. Stereolithography (or SLA) (with the Form2) opens up many new possibilities, like high-resolution and high-quality prototypes, its use for medical components, dental models, and in lost casting techniques.

The courses are each introductory courses, so no previous experience is required. All ages are welcome (under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult)

Each class is €18 for students and €30 for adults. For booking 2 classes together, prices are €30 for students and €50 for adults.

You can book your place here.