* Important: Please note that our booking system has changed! *

We’ve recently (since the start of September) changed our booking system to, which is a space management service for Fab Labs. This system requires that you set up a new account with us. Send us a quick email to with your details and we will set that up for you, or, alternatively, pop in and set up an account yourself.

If you are already registered, you may sign in to use any Fab Lab equipment. Please sign in and book here.

If you have not used the new booking service yet contact us by email first, with the email address you would like to use for your account.

Sign-ups are generally done along for those attending our Introductory Tutorials shortly following the completion of the course.

To use a machine, you need to have completed the relevant Introductory course. We run courses for Laser, CNC cutting and 3D printing on Saturdays - you can find out about upcoming intro days here

If you can’t make it - please log in and remove your appointment so others may use the time - you can cancel a booking up to an hour before.

The prices for the respective machines are on the equipment pages below.